This Portable “Beer Chugging Tool” Is An Absolute Blast At Parties — Wait Until You See How It Works!

Jeff | February 05, 2023

If you’ve ever shotgunned a beer, you know how fun it is — but also how frustrating it can be, especially for people who’ve never done it before!

The “old fashioned way” to shotgun beer requires using a dirty key or sharp knife to puncture a hole, then doing your best to avoid spilling or cutting yourself as you lift it to the sky and hope it flows smoothly.

It’s messy, difficult for newbies, and dangerous… and often results in a foamy, hiccup-y, sticky mess!

But now, thanks to a clever new invention, there’s finally a better way.

Philadelphia engineer Nick Wildman said it took him 450 hangovers to perfect Krak’in — a new pocket-sized “beer shotgun tool” that promises to give you the perfect chug every time… even if it’s your very first time!

Whether you’re the one who always livens up the party, want to be the coolest uncle out there, or just love shotgunning beer, then you’ve gotta hear about it!

Introducing Krak’in: The Smoothest, Fastest & Easiest Way To Shotgun A Beer

Krak’in is a pocket-sized device that fits on your keychain and helps you enjoy the perfect shotgunned beer any time — with no mess, risk of cuts, or hiccups.

With Krak’in, your beer goes down smoother and faster… without removing any of the fun. It combines the speed of shotgunning with the smoothness of a beer bong… and evolves it to a higher level!

Based on the reviews, customers it’s the best way to shotgun a beer because:

  • Your beer goes down smoother: Krak’in’s patented design makes for less foam, a smoother flow, and an easy-drink spout.
  • It’s the fastest way to shotgun: This is physics at work! The fitted mouthpiece, rapid-use design, and vented top mean the liquid flows faster than doing it the “old way”.
  • It works on EVERY size can: Krak’in works on everything from slim seltzer cans to tall boys… and everything in between.
  • It’s super portable: Krak’in fits on your keychain and is much smaller than a beer bong — it’s the most compact way to guzzle ANYTHING in a can.
  • It’s cleaner and safer than the old way: Punching holes in cans with a dirty key or knife is gross, plus it creates sharp edges and a sticky mess. Krak’in forms a seal with the can, preventing spills — and it’s dishwasher safe, so it’s super easy to clean!
  • It’s just so friggin’ cool: Who doesn't want a talon keychain that transforms you into the coolest person at the party… or the cool parent who gift-gives Krak’ins?!

Of course, you could bring a knife, beer bong, and towel to your next Friday night with the guys… but you’re not camping, so why PACK like you are?! Just bring your Krak’in!

The Big Question: Is Krak’in Better Than “Old Fashioned” Shotgunning?

If you’ve ever shotgunned a beer, you know that it’s fun… but often leaves you soaked in suds.

And you’ll be burping the whole time you’re cleaning up that sticky beer. Swallowing all that foam is no fun…

But Krak’in completely avoids that thanks to the patented drinking spout, which creates ultra smooth flow — it’s more like a beer bong than shotgunning. You really have to try it to see what we mean!

If you think you can’t be bothered to bring along a special shotgunning device, you should know that it’s so small and lightweight that it fits on your keychain. Krak’in is also super durable — even the wildest drinkers have never broken a Krak’in!

Our Take: Krak’in Is The Coolest Thing You’ll Ever Put On Your Keychain. If You Love To Party, You Need One ASAP!

Krak’in is changing the party scene — from backyard BBQs and camping trips to house parties, beach days and everything in between.

And since it’s nearly impossible to fail, much cleaner, and professional-looking, you might be surprised by who joins in — Krak’in encourages everyone to get in on the fun!

Krak’in is going viral and creating parties where pure boredom lurked before. So if you haven’t seen Krak’in at a party yet, this is your chance to BE the party and bring Krak’in along!

Update: The makers of Krak’in believe in a good time, anytime. And to celebrate their recent viral success, they’ve just announced a special deal:

For a limited time only, you can get a FREE Krak’in when you buy 2! This is a great chance to get one for yourself on the cheap while giving 2 awesome gifts so you can all shotgun together.

🤘 Keep the good times Krak’in! 🤘

DISCLAIMER: The Krak'in should not be used by individuals under the legal drinking age (minors) to consume alcoholic beverages. Minors should only use the Krak'in with non-alcoholic canned beverages. Wild Man Drinking Company is not to be held responsible for use of the Krak'in to consume alcoholic beverages by minors. 

Use the Krak’in at your own risk. Wild Man Drinking Company is not responsible for any injury, bodily harm, or loss of life sustained before, during, or after use of the Krak’in.

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

What makes Krak’in so much smoother than the old way of chugging beers?

It’s all thanks to the patented design! Krak’in features a tube that acts as a large straw, allowing for more airflow. Instead of being forced through a small (and often dangerously cut) hole, your beverage streams through the tube smoothly. Many of our customers say it’s more like a beer bong than shotgunning — it’s that smooth and fast!

How do you clean it?

That’s easy — just toss it in the dishwasher! Krak’in is dishwasher safe, making it a breeze to keep clean. You can also easily rinse it if you plan to use it multiple times in a row — though we recommend getting a Krak’in for everyone so you can shotgun together!

Why do you have to open the tab when you drink?

That’s part of the magic! When you open the tab, air flows into the can — causing the liquid to flow out. That’s what makes the flow so smooth and fast. Just make sure you’re ready when you pop the tab!

Does Krak’in really work on every type of canned beverage?

Yes! Krak’in is designed to fit on all sizes of cans, from mini and slim cans to 24oz and beyond. It’s not just for chugging beer either… you can use Krak’in to quickly and smoothly consume any beverage!

Why not just use a knife / pen / thumb?

Many reasons. First off, it’s dangerous — you could cut yourself while making the hole, or you could cut your lips on the hole itself. Second, it’s imprecise and easy to mess up — not only do most alternatives create holes that are too small, you also run the risk of spilling beer everywhere, wasting the beer and killing the buzz in one quick oopsie. Finally, it’s much cleaner to use Krak’in — not only does it prevent spills, it’s also dishwasher safe and designed for this purpose only, making it much cleaner, safer, and easier than old school methods.

How fast does Krak’in ship?

FAST! They ship all orders within 24-48 hours of receiving them. On average Surge is delivered within 3-5 business days in the United States.

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